Decent Wine Collection at Kwality Wines

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Decent Wine Collection at Kwality Wines

Red and White Wine At kwality wines bajaj nagar

kwality wines bajaj nagar

Note: Flavored whiskeys, especially if they are under 80 proof, may have a shorter lifespan because of a higher sugar content, so once you open that bottle of Honey Jack, you might as well pour all the shots.

Vodka at kwality wines

Vodka will last a bit longer after opening than whiskey—up to a decade, maybe even more. The process is the same, however, and your vodka may start to taste different after just a few years, and will slowly lose its alcoholic power, as well. Just like whiskey, it will never actually “spoil,” but if you don’t consume it within a few years, your drinking experience will definitely degrade. And again, flavored vodkas will turn much more quickly due to the likely higher sugar content.

Whiskey at kwality bajaj nagar 

Whiskey’s high alcohol content and low sugar content means it’s fairly shelf-stable—but it will go “bad” about 2 years after you open the bottle. “Bad” is a spectrum, though—whiskey will never spoil, per se—you can drink a glass of opened whiskey 20 years from now and it will not kill you. You might not enjoy the experience, however, as the alcohol content will be lower from evaporation and the flavor profile will have turned.

Rum at kwality kwality wines

Rum will last indefinitely if unopened and start to turn within six months afterward. After about two years, you’ll absolutely notice a difference in the taste profile and the potency of your rum.

Ginat kwality wines bajaj nagar

Gin has a slightly shorter runway once opened—it will taste significantly worse about a year after you open it. Just like other hard liquors, it won’t necessarily go bad in the sense of being dangerous to drink, it just won’t be the pleasant experience you’re hoping for.

Brandy at kwality

You might think that because brandy is distilled from wine it goes bad in a few days just like a good bottle of Cabernet. The truth is yes and no—an opened bottle of brandy will start to taste “turned” in about 6 months, so you’re definitely on a shorter clock than other liquors. But it will still be drinkable for 2-3 years, and like other liquors, will never actually go completely rancid the way that bottle of red you shoved to the back of your liquor cabinet and forgot about will.

Note: Some lower-proof brandies will turn much faster.

Tequila at kwality wines shop bajaj nagar

Tequila will last about one year after opening before it starts to taste bad. It doesn’t matter if it’s Mezcal or tequila, the time frame is about the same. It won’t kill you, but it won’t taste right—and once you notice the taste profile turning, it’s a downward slide from there.

Liqueurs and cordials at wine shop in sectot 17 bajaj nagar

These sweet drinks have a high sugar content as a rule, and will generally go bad within 1-2 years—and in this case, the word “bad” does mean “spoiled.” And any liqueur that contains dairy (like Baileys Irish Cream) needs to go after a year or less. In fact, liqueurs that contain dairy won’t last that long even in unopened bottles, so make your purchase decisions carefully.

Delaying tactics kwality wines

So, your liquor will absolutely turn on you eventually—but you can do a few simple things to keep your booze fresh for as long as possible:

  • Store bottles properly. Liquor should be stored upright, as contact with the cork can contribute to the flavor degradation and damage the cork, weakening the seal that keeps demon oxygen out. Make sure the cork or screw top is firmly in place—and never leave pourers in, as they just let oxygen in kwality wines shop bajaj nagar
  • Keep away from light and heat. If you’re storing your whiskey on the window sill next to the radiator, you are doing it wrong. Find a cool, shadowy, cave-like place.
  • Bottles all the way down. One thing you can do to keep your liquor fresher longer is to decant it into smaller bottles as you drink it at kwality wines shop kwality. A smaller bottle (with a well-sealed cap—a decanter won’t work) limits the amount of air

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